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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether - Natural Rubber Teether for Baby in Malaysia

Item Code: Vulli516410

Our Price: MYR78.00
Listed Price: MYR99.00
Temporary SOLD OUT!! To be re-stocked

These are available:

So' Pure Sophie La Giraffe Set with Natural Chewing Rubber Soother - MYR99.00

(All item brand new, still in original box packaging)

Sophie the Giraffe is one of the world's favourite baby teethers from France. Trusted by celebrities and mothers worldwide, millions of Sophies have been sold worldwide since 1961. Since her creation in 1961, Sophie the Giraffe has wowed over 20 million babies, parents, (and celebrities!) with her natural beauty and charm.

An award winning and best selling baby toy, it is one of the most popular gift for newborn baby.

Handmade in the French Alps using natural rubber from the Hevea Tree and decorated using non-toxic food-quality paint, Sophie is BPA & Phthalates-free and complies with US safety requirements ASTM F963, ideal for teething babies, 0 to 12 months+.

These days in France, 9 out of 10 newborn babies are given their own Sophie La Girafe by Vulli. Slender, flexible, and soft, baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety. She is perfect for soothing baby's sore gums during teething.

The ideal baby toy that stimulate all senses! Full of discoveries and activities to awaken baby's senses.

Sight: With contrasting dark eyes and dark brown spots all over her body, Vulli Sophie catches the eye of the baby and becomes a familiar and reassuring object for baby to easily recognize.

Sound: With a gentle squeaker that makes a happy whistle sound, it amuses and stimulates baby's hearing and helps him/her to understand the relationship of cause and effect.

Taste: Soft and has many parts to chew (ears, horns, legs), it is ideal for soothing baby's sore gums during teething. Composed of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree and food paint, it is safe for baby

Touch/feel: Light, slender and flexible, it is ideal for baby’s small hands. The long neck and legs allow for easy grasp and easily slides into baby’s tiny fingers. Its sweetness, like the skin of his mother reassures baby and brings emotional and physiological reactions that easily becomes the baby’s familiar and reassuring object.

Smell: The scent of the particular natural rubber from the rubber tree gives it a distinctive feature, which facilitates its identification among all the other baby toys.

Product Description:
  • BPA Free, Phthalate Free, 100% natural rubber and food paint
  • A single Sophie the Giraffe (numbered) presented in a new gift box, special 50 years of Sophie the Giraffe.
  • Supplied in a lovely gift box complete with card that you can personalize (subject to manufacturer’s specification)
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Approx. Dimension; Height: 18 x 9 x 5 cm; 17cm
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 200 grams

*Do not sterilize. Wipe surface clean with soapy water and a damp cloth.

**Please be aware that no young children should be left unattended with any toy including Sophie.

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About the manufacturer:
Vulli, was founded in 1946 and enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialist in the field of nursery items and toys. Vulli produces around 250 products, with 60% of their production taking place at their Rumilly site in the Haute Savoie region of France, including the legendary Sophie the Giraffe. Sophie La Giraffe has been handmade by Vulli in the French Alps since 1946.

Interesting Facts:
Sophie La Giraffe is made from natural Hevea Rubber from MALAYSIA.

Vulli Sophie the giraffe natural rubber teether is adorned by celebrities. Among some of the celebrities sighted with Sophie the giraffe:
  • Celebrity Isa Fisher’s daughter Olive pictured with Sophie
  • Nicole Richie’s daughter, Harlow Madden pictured biting on Sophie’s ear
  • Celebrity Sofia Coppola and her daughter, Romy, pictured with Sophie on Romy’s hand
  • Celebrity Ashlee Simpson with her baby, Pete Wentz carrying Sophie the Giraffe in his hand
  • Celebrity Naomi Watts and hubby Liev Schreiber and their baby son holding Sophie the Giraffe
  • Celebrity David Eigenberg from Sex in the City holding Sophie the Giraffe

Handling and Shipping Fee:
  • West Malaysia: MYR7.00
  • East Malaysia: MYR12.00

For delivery to Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries, please contact us for a shipping quotation.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

NUK First Choice+ Premium Glass Feeding Bottles 240ml/8oz (Wide Neck) with Orthodontic Silicone Teat, Elegant Blue Sands – NUK Malaysia

Item Code: NUK10212017
Our Price: MYR55.90
Listed Price: MYR88.90
 (Temporary SOLD OUT!! To be re-stocked)
Benefits and Features:
  • NUK products in conformance with European Standards EN 14350.
  • Made from durable premium quality borosilicate glass that could withstand major temperature fluctuation.
  • NUK glass bottle is very hygienic.
  • Emission-free, BPA (Bisphenol A*) free, odorless, and phthalates-free.
  • Approved by British Dental Health Foundation.
  • The New FIRST CHOICE+ teat comes with improved soft comfort zone, more flexible and gentle on baby’s palate, thus baby is more likely to accept and latch on.
  • Slightly offset holes for better salivation aids digestion.
  • Curved underside and orthodontic shape supported healthy development of important facial-oral muscles as well as the lower jaw.
  • Extra wide neck bottle allows more convenience when preparing feeds, easy to clean (without struggling to get the cleaning brush inside).
  • Grip screw ring is interchangeable with all NUK First Choice nipples/teats and compatible drinking spouts & straws (more than 15-20 options).
  • NUK Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM reduces risk of unpleasant stomach pain and bloating.
  • This Premium quality NUK glass bottles (240ml/8oz), now come in Elegant Blue Sands design illustration, a welcome addition for modern parents looking for the ideal glass feeding bottles for baby. 
* The sale of BPA-containing bottles for infants forbidden in the EU since 01.06.2011

NUK FIRST CHOICE+ Premium Glass Bottle is the preferred choice for bottle feeding along the lines of breastfeeding for many years.

Smooth surface of NUK borosilicate glass bottle is difficult for bacteria or germs to breed, thus very hygienic. Made of premium high quality glass that could withstand major temperature fluctuations, modern parents can boil the NUK glass bottles or clean in dishwasher. The NUK glass bottle would also fit into most typical sterilizers.

With NUK FIRST CHOICE+ nipples/teats, the NUK brand has managed to get even closer to nature by mimicking the experience of baby drinking at the breast.  The orthodontic NUK shape support the training of many important muscles in the face and mouth. Interaction of these muscles is an important prerequisite for healthy breathing, chewing and swallowing, and later on language development.

(Watch the NUK First Choice video, click here)

For natural drinking experience
NUK FIRST CHOICE+ is probably the most natural teat you can give to your baby. Ideal for modern parent who wants to combine breast and bottle feeding, or whenever unable to breastfeed directly.

Clinically proven
Scientific studies show that with its natural form, NUK nipples/teats via the asymmetrical orthodontic shape have a high acceptance rate among infants. This makes it particularly suitable for babies in which breast and bottle feeding are usually combined and complementing each other. (*For more information, please refer to: Moral et al. BMC Pediatrics 2010, 10:6, http://en.nuk.de/all_about_nuk/studies)

Natural and orthodontic
A breastfeeding mom will often realise that the nipple changes shape during breastfeeding. As nature take its place, the mother’s nipple deformed accordingly to adapt to the baby's mouth and muscular coordination, enabling optimal milk intake and provide the best possible training for the jaw, palate, tongue, lips and healthy oral development.

Following as closely as possible to nature’s example, the special orthodontic NUK teats/nipples shape mimics the asymmetrical shape of the deformed nipple during breastfeeding, which demands training and optimal coordination of important facial and oral muscles on the baby’s part. On the other hand, if feed is ingested without requiring any effort, the baby may develop malformations of jaw and teeth as a consequence.

NUK FIRST CHOICE+ systematically combines all orthodontic benefits of the NUK teat shape mimicking the feeling of breastfeeding for the baby. 

Soft like the breast
With the new improved soft zone, the NUK First Choice+ silicone nipple/teat fits better on the palates of your child. More flexible and gentle on baby’s palate, the teat adapts better and allows for a natural latch on and promotes better drinking experience for the baby.

Prevents colic
The optimised Anti-Colic NUK AIR SYSTEM provides a continuous flow of air into the bottle and prevents vacuum build up. Hence baby can have an uninterrupted flow of milk and nutritious feeds in a more relaxed environment without swallowing harmful air into the tummy which can cause unpleasant stomach pain and bloating.

Product Details:
  • Recommended age: About 0-18 months.
  • Quality made in Germany.
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 600g
  • What is included: One (1x) NUK First Choice Premium Glass bottle 240ml/8oz - Elegant Blue Sands illustration, supplied with One (1x) NUK First Choice+ Anti-colic wide-neck silicone teat in Size 1 (0-6 months), Medium (M) Feed Hole suitable for milk/formula.

Handling + Shipping Fee:
  • West Malaysia: MYR7.00
  • East Malaysia: MYR12.00

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NUK Silicone Sleeve Cover for glass bottles
(Available separately)

  • Suitable for all NUK 240ml bottles
  • A transparent protective cover for the glass bottles
  • Like a second skin around the glass bottles, additional protection
  • Prevent scratches, cracks and chips
  • Prevent splinters – by containing broken glass pieces in case glass bottle fall and breakage
  • No more broken glass pieces flying/bouncing around and poses potential harm/hazards for your little baby
  • With the Silicone Sleeve Cover on, the glass bottles more slip resistance and ensure a better secure grip, especially wetted hands when preparing feeds
  • Wide collar and button, convenient, easy to open, apply, and fix on the glass bottle
  • With practical scale window to allow a peep or inspect on remaining milk/feeds quantity
  • Available in transparent turquoise or pink colour

Many parents appreciate baby bottles made of glass, because they are durable, environmentally friendly, hygienic and easy to clean. If only the fracture and breaking the glass bottle could be mitigated! With the NUK Silicone Sleeve Cover, this concern is now part of the past. This practical accessory protects the NUK glass bottle from scratches, cracks and splinters. Comes in elegant colour of transparent turquoise or pink, the NUK Silicone Sleeve Protective Cover is definitely looking great for either baby boy or girl.

For delivery to Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries, please contact us for a shipping quotation.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Philips AVENT SCD290/01 Newborn Bottles Starter Set (Natural) - Avent Malaysia

Item Code: SCD290/01
Our Price: MYR139.90
Listed Price: MYR269.00
 (Temporary SOLD OUT!! To be re-stocked)

(All items brand new, still in original box packaging)

The Philips AVENT Natural Newborn Starter set is everything you need to start bottle feeding a newborn, whether feeding exclusively with bottle or combining breast and bottle. The set includes 2 x 125ml/4oz Philips AVENT natural bottles with newborn-flow teats, 2 x 260ml/9oz Philips AVENT natural bottles with slow-flow teats, plus a dual purpose bottle & teat curved brush, as well as a newborn soother.
As baby grows, modern parents can continue to use the same bottles simply by changing the teats to medium or fast flow avent natural nipples or replacement teats.
  • All you need to begin bottle feeding, includes Newborn and Slow Flow teats
  • Natural feeding nipple makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
  • Unique one piece anti-colic system with innovative twin valve design
  • Encourages proper latch-on and feeding
  • Extra-soft, naturally shaped silicone teat is odourless and taste-free
  • BPA-free Polypropelene (PP) bottles
  • This Philips Avent Newborn Natural Starter Set includes 2 x 125ml/4oz feeding bottles and 2 x 260ml/9oz BPA-Free feeding bottles in addition to an advanced orthodontic soother and a curved brush head with molded tip for bottle and teat cleaning
  • Completely interchangeable across the Philips AVENT Natural range - All Philips AVENT Natural Nipples/Teats, Natural Glass Bottles, Breast Pumps and accessories

Choosing the right teat for your baby
Teats for Philips AVENT Classic range bottles are interchangeable, and available in four speeds, newborn (1 hole), slow (2 holes), medium (3 holes) and fast (4 holes) flow rates to suit your baby’s growing needs. Once baby moves up to the next age stage, the old teat can simply be replaced with the new teat.
*Remember that age indications are approximate, as babies develop at different rates. You will know when your baby is ready to move onto a faster flow rate because he or she will try to suck harder to get the milk more quickly. Baby may also show signs of tiredness or frustration during feeding.
Easy latch on due to unique comfort petals nipple/teats
The NEW Natural Philips AVENT Feeding Bottle is the most natural way to bottle feed. The bottle comes with an extra soft nipple that makes it easy for baby to latch on, and unique comfort petals to ensure the nipple doesn't collapse as the baby feeds. A specially-designed anti-colic nipple flexes as baby suckles, so air ends up in the bottle and not in the baby's tummy. The naturally breast-like shaped teat allows baby to control milk flow as when breastfeeding, making it easy to combine breast and bottle.
The ergonomic shape is easy for parents to hold and little fingers to grasp when your newborn is ready. With wide neck and fewer parts, the bottle is easy to fill, clean and assemble. It is also made from BPA free polypropylene, so it is safe for baby.

Curved brush head and molded tip
Specially curved brush head and molded handle-tip reach the corners of all types of bottles, nipples and feeding accessories for thorough cleaning.
Advanced orthodontic pacifier
The orthodontic, collapsible nipple of the translucent pacifier respects the natural development of baby’s palate, teeth and gums. Developed with leading orthodontist Dr. Hageman to help healthy oral development, the soother pacifier is made from silicone and are taste and odour-free.
Superior quality
All Philips AVENT products are superior quality and designed with you and your baby's needs in mind through extensive research and clinical trials, Philips AVENT products work together effectively to promote baby's well being and allow modern parents the flexibility and convenience to care for a growing baby.
BPA-free and interchangeable with other AVENT products
Philips AVENT feeding bottles are Bisphenol-A (BPA) free.

Philips AVENT products have been designed to be compatible with one another and are easily interchangeable, aiding the transition from newborn to toddler. Bottles and teats can be used with the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump, storage containers, cups, sterilisers and bottle warmer. The Philips AVENT Natural feeding bottle is compatible with the majority of the Philips AVENT range, excluding the Classic bottles. Philips AVENT advise the use of the Philips AVENT feeding bottles only with Philips AVENT Natural feeding teats.
Product Details:
  • Approximate Dimension: 28.2 x 18.6 x 7.4cm
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 980g
  • Country of origin: England/Germany/Singapore
  • What is included:
         2 x AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles (125ml/4oz) with Newborn Flow Teats (0m+), 1 hole
         2 x AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles (260ml/9oz) with Slow Flow Teats (1m+), 2 holes
         1 x Philips AVENT Bottle and Teat Curved Brush
         1 x Philips AVENT Advanced Orthodontic Soother

Care Instructions:
  • Always sterilise before use.

Handling & Shipping Fee:
  • West Malaysia: MYR9.50
  • East Malaysia: MYR14.00
For delivery to Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries, please contact us for a shipping quotation.
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