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About Us

How Bebebon is Delighting Hundred over New Parents with Baby Bottles

as well as other baby and mama items...

We have just crossed the 400 marks, and still counting!

If you are a new mom-to-be, Congratulations!

What can be more joyful than undergoing the first, second and third trimester of your life.

Well, perhaps the throwing out part and swollen leg which Papa B (Bebebon) teasingly called the ‘elephant leg’ need to be excluded.

While awaiting for the little one and playing with thoughts of holding the baby for the very first time, seeing him/her yawn, there is also the thought of where to buy baby bottles and baby items for the modern mother in Malaysia.

With so many exciting range to choose from, the online search for baby items and feeding bottles started and you probably found us here, right?

At Bebebon, the online baby shop who continue to deliver to hundred over new parents with quality baby bottles, we are passionate in delivering quality baby items for new parents as hassle-free as possible.

Why shop with us?

We are a business which is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) under registration number SA0231041-K.

Most importantly we understand that when a new mom starts an investigation, she does a more thorough job than the FBI...

Here’s what other parents have to say:

Hi, received the item (NUK Glass Bottle) with free gift. Thank you so much! :)  - Normah

Thanks for this - very good confirmation email, very professional! - Li-Hsian, Tmn Tun

We are so happy with your customer service :) - Ahmad Azalee, Kajang

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your efforts. - Anna Rimac, Aust. NSW (Click on name to see her delivery)

Pleased to inform you that I have received the NUK bottle and thank you for the cute plush toy. My daughter loved it! She kept saying hello to it :) - Jessy C

Bring smiles to our face.

Parents who want to provide their child with a fun, safe, trendy and comfortable environment to grow up in have found us online and through whisper of words.

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How do we bring down the price for such quality items?

Well, we do not compromise on quality by sourcing inferior products. That will drive customers away. Which is why we go to great length to source from country of origin, where feasible. Sometimes this may take a while.

Our strategy is simple. While not the cheapest in all cases, we usually strive to work closely with our suppliers and find ways to cut down the shipping cost.

This had enabled us to pass down the lower price to you.

We also keep our overhead low. At times you may see us use recycled envelopes for our mails, as we believe in subscribing to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to keep a better earth and pass a cleaner planet to our children.

Even so, we have not loosened our grip and understand the need to protect the expensive baby items and bottles that you had ordered. We are constantly working and experimenting better ways to wrap and pack your baby and mama items (especially glass bottles) carefully.

If you have a special request, for example when purchasing gifts for friends or family and require a nice looking box with ribbons, we are also able to provide wrapping services for a nominal fee. Simply drop us a message and ask for our price.

Our Team

Mama B had experienced walking like a duck with an oversize t-shirt printed with:

‘B.U.M.P, coming through...’

Papa B (Star Wars fan) had a t-shirt fronting:

“I used to be a powerful Sith Lord, until the kids came along.
Their force is strong!
Now I change diapers and wield milk bottle, I mean lightsaber...”

First, we understand how it's like to be new parent.

Second, we hope to have broken the ice by bringing a smile to your face.
If this is your first time purchasing online, we hope to help you overcome your anxiety by making it as simple as possible, especially for new mother.

If you would like to track some of our recent deliveries, visit us at --> Twitter

If you would like to interact with other parent, feel free to drop by our Facebook page.

If you have a question that need answering, just drop a question on our Facebook or Google+ page or use our website [Post a Comment] section at the bottom of the page. After all, there just might be other parent who may be able to answer you.

Found something interesting? Feel free to share by using the [Share] button. Sharing is Caring.

While we have lined up a range of high quality baby products ranging from Philips AVENT to NUK, HABA wooden toys to Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether and a few others, we hope you will find our products so beautiful that you would want to keep them and pass it on to siblings and perhaps the next generation, too.

Remember to drop by often as we work on adding more exciting and new items in the coming weeks and months.

Sometimes we may be on the bouts to run a promotion or new stock/restock may be arriving.

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Many thanks and keep well!

Team Bebebon
Delighting New Parents

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