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Sunday, August 12, 2012

HABA Wooden Baby Toys now in Malaysia

The famous HABA wooden baby toys are now available in Malaysia, and as such also accessible to the neighbouring countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.
Why HABA Wooden Baby Toys?

The short answer to that would be “Because they are trusted and enjoyed by families throughout the world for over 70 years.”

There are several reasons why HABA wooden toys are gaining popularity among parents:

Made from natural material. Haba wooden baby toys are made from natural beech wood and therefore safe to chew on.

Make a random trip to the mall these days, chances are many toy shelves are being lined up with plastic toys. Not that all plastic toys are unsafe, but with ever increasing concern about the safety of the child, parent these days are making it a point to check if the plastic toys are BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalates-free, and lead-free.

To remove the potential problem and uncertainty, toys made from natural wood are a good alternative solution.

Feeling uneasy about your child chewing and grinding away on plastic toys?

Toys made from natural wood are good alternative solution.

Made from non-porous hard wood. HABA wooden toys are mostly made from beech wood which is considered hard wood. (To learn more about beech wood, please check here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beech) Toys made of soft wood when being chewed upon, can easily splinter and probably hurt the child. So what you want to be looking for are the non-porous hard woods, like the one used by HABA.

Try watching the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZlMVM5_mes

Durable. The wooden toys by HABA are incredibly durable, ideal for parents expecting a high play value from the toys they purchase. Buy once, play forever.

Made of single wood piece. The individual component of HABA wooden toys are made of single wood piece. Not made from laminated or jointed wood. Therefore, no worry about the wood chipping/splinter and the type of harmful glue/chemical used to join the laminated wood together.

Feeling uneasy about your child chewing on laminated wood which may chip or splinter?

Wooden toys made from single solid wood pieces are better alternative.

Non-toxic water based stain (not painted). HABA wooden toys are colourfully stained (not painted) with non-toxic water based stain instead of harmful chemicals. Therefore there is no worry if the toys are being chewed upon by your baby or child.


No battery required. HABA wooden baby toys do not require battery. They can be played anytime, anywhere. Simple toys which inspire creativity, they are environmentally friendly. Leaving a better planet for the child to live on.

Educational Toys. These days parent tends to give their smart phone or touchpad to their children to play silently in one corner and assume they enjoy the games. If such is your normal practice, you may miss the chance to provide your children a better childhood experience. Constant staring at the screen over prolonged duration may be bad for the eyesight. There are also concern about exposing the baby and child to the electromagnetic waves generated by the electronic gadgets.

Worry that your child might be over-stimulated by Power Rangers or Transformers?

Why not provide your children with something natural, sensible, mental teasing, inspire creativity and spend time playing with them to help develop their cognitive power, mental capabilities and encouraging interaction, foster teamwork and leadership skills?

With clear shapes, unique colourful design and gentle rattling sound, HABA wooden toys offer a lot of multi sensory benefits that enriches both sides of the brain – the right and left hemispheres, often associated with logical and creative thinking.

HABA wooden baby toys are cleverly designed to inspire creativity and imaginative play. The colourful wooden blocks will inspire the little architect in your family and teach them about balancing, developing motor skills. Parents can also use the many tiles/blocks from the Domino Race for example to teach their child about colour recognition, sorting, patience and math.

Worry that your child might be over-stimulated by Power Rangers or Transformers?

HABA wooden blocks Domino Race (Item Code: HABA 1172) can be use to teach child math, colour recognition, sorting and patience.

Unique design. With the tagline “the producer of inventive playthings for inquisitive minds”, HABA wooden toys are unique. Not something you will find in big box stores. Several of the baby sensory/clutching toys are cleverly designed with clear shapes and colours as well as to give out a gentle rattling sound which is highly satisfying for children. Offer a lot of multi sensory benefits to the baby and child.

A flower?

A star?

A pyramid?

A cat?
A fish?

A tiara for the princess?

A drop of water?

Monster teeth?

One toy, many play. Such unique wooden baby toys from HABA are designed to trigger the child’s imagination and inspire creativity.

No sharp edges. For the safety of the child, HABA wooden toys are designed with no sharp edges. To prevent cut, the sharp edges of the wooden blocks and baby toys are being polished and sanded away, even if the wooden blocks are suppose to be square or rectangle, and the triangle is suppose to be triangle.

Sample block taken from HABA Baby’s First Blocks, Item Code: HABA 1189

Sample block taken from HABA Fantasy Blocks, Item Code: HABA 2297

HABA Clutching Toy Trix, Item Code: HABA 1296

Award winning. Since 1993, no fewer than seven HABA toys/games received the “Children’s game of the Year” award.

HABA Wooden Blocks Little Amsterdam, Item Code: HABA 1160

Product safety. The health of your children and the environment matters! That is why they use water-based paints and varnished.

All their products are subject to the European Toy Safety Standard EN71. The EN71 toy safety specification is two folds. It specifies the mechanical stress which the toy must be able to withstand and it determines the chemical requirements.

In the regularly performed strain test, all moving parts which are assembled together are tested. The clutching toys must be immersed in distilled water, 4 times for 4 minutes at a time. In between they have a break for 10 minutes.

Starting with the torque test, the clutching toy is being turned left and right. A torque of 0.34 Newton meter is build up and held over 10 seconds. HABA even exceeded this guideline and apply a torque of 0.36 Newton meter, comparable with 3 kilograms of weight. An 18 months old child can exert a force of approximately 2 kilograms.

Even during the pulling test, there is no reason for malicious glee. According to the regulation, the joint between cord and wooden parts must withstand a pulling force of 90 Newton, equivalent of 9 kilograms. At Haba they tested the load with 100 Newton throughout.

During the shock test, a weight of 1 kilogram is being dropped onto the weakest part of the toy from 10 centimeters height. No problem at all for HABA wooden toys. Finally, the quality assurance agent from HABA would drop the clutching toy on its head 5 times from the height of 80 centimeters.

The process is documented in the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqp1f_BZpM4
The ability of this great European toy company in illustrating and explaining their product safety indicates their technical ability in manufacturing high quality toys.

HABA Clutching Toy, Rosella (Item Code: HABA 3745)
undergoing product safety testing

Beyond generations. A grandfather who bought a set of HABA wooden blocks for his daughter over 20 years ago, and recently purchased the exact similar set of wooden blocks for his grandchildren indicates the amount of trust he placed on this European toy company.

Made in Germany. HABA high quality wooden toys and games are made in Bad Rodach, Germany. HABA stands for skillful design, experience, careful manufacture and quality control. German is a great manufacturing nation famed for their good quality control. Which is why their products are often associated with quality, therefore command a high demand as well as prices.

Photo from box for HABA Clutching Toy Flapsi, Item Code: HABA 1068

About the Company

HABA is a famous German toy manufacturing company which started out as a “factory for fine wooden toys” in 1938. It all began with finely polished wooden toys, colorful that were finely sanded and polished wonderfully smooth, just right for tender children’s hands. They had since grown into a great European toy company and their wooden toys are better designed than almost any other average toy company.

With a tagline, “the producer of inventive playthings for inquisitive minds”, HABA is trusted by families all over the world for over 70 years. Ever since the German company Habermaaß was established in 1938, HABA have focused on working for children. The name HABA stands for high quality products, product reliability, age appropriate materials, and environmental consciousness.

HABA is the stuff that (play) dreams are made of. HABA offers a large selection of toys, but their wooden toys are incredible. They also offer a large selection of wooden teething toys for children.

Now families in Malaysia, as well as neighbouring countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. can enjoy the famous wooden toys by HABA.

There are other great European wooden toys such as Ostheimer (also Made in Germany) which are made from hard wood (maple wood and elm) and beautifully hand crafted, but they are pricey. If anyone is interested, please contact us at Bebebon by filling up the form here.

To learn more about maple wood, please check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple
To learn more about elm, please check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elm

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