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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NUK Premium Choice Glass Bottles 240ml/8oz with Orthodontic Silicone Teat, Elegant Green Bamboo – NUK Malaysia

Item Code: NUK10212018

Our Price: MYR55.90
Listed Price: MYR88.90


Benefits and Features:
  • In comformance with EN 14350.
  • Made from durable premium quality borosilicate glass that could withstand major temperature fluctuation.
  • Glass bottle is very hygienic.
  • Emission-free, BPA (Bisphenol A*) free, odorless, and phthalates-free.
  • The New FIRST CHOICE+ teat comes with improved soft comfort zone, more flexible and gentle on baby’s palate.
  • Slightly offset holes for better salivation aids digestion.
  • Curved underside and orthodontic shape supported healthy development of important facial-oral muscles as well as the lower jaw.
  • Extra wide neck bottle allows more convenience when preparing feeds, easy to clean (without struggling to get the cleaning brush inside).
  • Grip screw ring is interchangeable with all NUK First Choice nipples/teats and compatible drinking spouts & straws.
  • Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM reduces risk of unpleasant stomach pain and bloating.
  • This Premium quality NUK glass bottles (240ml/8oz), now come in Elegant Green Bamboo decorative illustration, a welcome addition for modern parents looking for the ideal glass feeding bottles for the baby. 
* The sale of BPA-containing bottles for infants forbidden in the EU since 01.06.2011

Smooth surface of the NUK glass bottle is difficult for bacteria or germs to breed, thus very hygienic. Made of premium quality borosilicate glass that could withstand major temperature fluctuations, NUK has managed to get even closer to nature by mimicking the experience of baby drinking at the breast by introducing the NUK First Choice+ nipples.  
The orthodontic NUK shape support the training of many important muscles in the face and mouth. Interaction of these muscles is an important prerequisite for healthy breathing, chewing and swallowing, and later on language development.

(Illustrated in the NUK First Choice video here)

Clinically proven
Scientific studies show that with its natural form, NUK nipples/teats via the asymmetrical orthodontic shape have a high acceptance rate among infants. This makes it particularly suitable for babies in which breast and bottle feeding are usually combined and complementing each other. (*For more information, please refer to: Moral et al. BMC Pediatrics 2010, 10:6, http://en.nuk.de/all_about_nuk/studies)

Natural and orthodontic
A breastfeeding mom will often realise that the nipple changes shape during breastfeeding. As nature take its place, the mother’s nipple deformed accordingly to adapt to the baby's mouth and muscular coordination, enabling optimal milk intake and provide the best possible training for the jaw, palate, tongue, lips and healthy oral development.

Following as closely as possible to nature’s example, the special orthodontic NUK teats/nipples shape simulates the asymmetrical shape of the deformed nipple during breastfeeding, which demands training and optimal coordination of important facial and oral muscles on the baby’s part. On the other hand, if feed is ingested without requiring any effort, the baby may develop malformations of jaw and teeth as a consequence.

NUK FIRST CHOICE+ systematically combines all orthodontic benefits of the NUK teat shape mimicking the feeling of breastfeeding for the baby. 
Soft like the breast
With the new improved soft zone, the NUK First Choice+ silicone nipple/teat fits better on the palates of your child. More flexible and gentle on baby’s palate, the teat adapts better and allows for a natural latch on and promotes better drinking experience for the baby.
Prevents colic
The optimised Anti-Colic NUK AIR SYSTEM provides a continuous flow of air into the bottle and prevents vacuum build up. Hence baby can have an uninterrupted flow of milk and nutritious feeds in a more relaxed environment without swallowing harmful air into the tummy which can cause unpleasant stomach pain and bloating.

Product Details:
  • Recommended age: About 0-18 months.
  • Quality made and developed in Germany.
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 600g
  • What is included: One (1x) NUK First Choice Premium Glass bottle 240ml/8oz - Elegant Green Bamboo illustration, supplied with One (1x) NUK First Choice+ Anti-colic wide-neck silicone teat in Size 1 (0-6 months), Medium (M) Feed Hole suitable for milk/formula.

Handling + Shipping Fee:
  • West Malaysia: MYR7.00
  • East Malaysia: MYR12.00

For delivery to Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries, please contact us for a shipping quotation.

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